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Through The Whiskey Glass

I own too many whiskey glasses. There is no two ways about it; my cabinet is full and I have no intention of stopping. Of course I have the one glass that I profess to be "the best", but admittedly I waffle on that as often as the weather changes. After all, Bushmills whiskey tastes the best out of my Bushmills stemmed Glencairns, Powers Gold is best served from my Midleton low ball glass, and if I'm being honest with myself, Dingle whiskey is at its absolute peak when sipped from a proper Dingle Crystal whiskey glass.

None of this is true. Or maybe, all of it is true. This eternal conundrum explains why grabbing a bottle from my whiskey cabinet requires the successful navigation through and across a minefield of whiskey glassware.

One of the best tasting notes of a whiskey, and one that is maybe the easiest to discern, is nostalgia. The smell that takes you back to the distillery. The lingering finish that harkens back to the smell of the winter air outside the pub. Or the color that reminds you of the earrings that sparkled from your wife's ears as you shared your first experiences with a particular bottle.

For me, whiskey will always be an experience and one that is best shared with those you love. Reminiscing over a glass of whiskey is but half the journey. Pouring that whiskey into a glass which completes that memory takes the experience full circle. For this reason, I will always have a new whiskey glass and that glass will also be my favorite.

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