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(Almost) Always Tasting Note Free

The idea for Vaulted Barley and this website is something that had been kicking around in my whiskey-laden head for years. Why would I do it? What would it be? What is it? These questions were enough to always keep the project and idea at bay and convince myself that tomorrow was always a better time.

It has been nearly a year now since I took the first steps on Instagram and perhaps the answers to the aforementioned questions are slowly coming into focus. For many of us, whiskey goes beyond the physical enjoyment of the final distilled product. Whiskey is a hobby, an obsession, a passion and, above all, an experience. I enjoy whiskey and the incessant learning that comes with this pastime. Being able to share in these moments with friends and family the world over has become the focal point of my hobby. Above all else, it is these memories and bonds that I cherish most and hope to share with others through Vaulted Barley.

To that end, reviews and tasting notes will seldom be my primary focus here. I consider myself adept and those things, but experience has taught me that it is foolish to think I can ever fully identify the entirety of the notes in even a single whiskey. I can always discern more elements of a whiskey over a shared taoscán with both the novice and expert alike.

These pages aim to foster new friendships and strengthen the old. With whiskey as the conduit, I am eager to share my thoughts and experiences and hope to hear likewise from those who visit.


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